7 Arches Fine Art Gallery and Boutique
7 Arches Art Gallery is a retail fine art gallery that offers all types of pieces from local artists and craftsmakers, including original paintings, prints and pottery. Additional selections include chandeliers, quilted materials, gifts, jewelry and more. Some art selections include scenic pictures, landscapes, still lifes, portraits and wildlife. Call for details on pricing for specialty pieces or for information on original designs.

7 Arches Gallery and Boutique

Artists - Artisans


Artist-7 Arches Gallery and Boutique/Owner

 Medium: Oil Paintings & Murals

Artists - Artisans

Jody Allen

Artisan - Frosting by Jody  - Jewelry



Michele Alonso

Artist/Photographer – Medium: Watercolor

Michele Alonso ,a native Floridian, self taught artist with many interests. She has lived in Dunedin since 2002.

Art mediums include: watercolor, photography, acrylic, pen & ink, Artist Trading Card clubs.

Michele has a nursing and horticulture degree and has worked interior plantscaping and landscape design for many local high profile business', specializing in bird and butterfly gardens. A rosarian at heart and has shown and won ribbons for her roses. Michele taught acrylic & watercolor lessons in many senior assisted living communities.

Michele has been a professional clown ,puppeteer and balloon artist since 1996 and has volunteered many  hours for children charity events in our community.

Also a longtime active Audubon member. Michele has a backyard bird sanctuary with many, many rare songbirds.  Michele has an art studio at home. A new member of CAG. This is her first art club.

My favorite is "Nature Watercolor." I love animals.



Juami Boyden

Artist - Medium: Photographer

Juami (pronounced Wah-Mee) and her husband, Jerry, first go into photography

as a hobby and as an activity to do as a couple.

They found that since they have such different perspectiives, they compliment each other perfectly.

Jerry tends to see the big picture while Juami loves seeing the details come to life.

Photography has been a wonderful way to share with each other and others the beauty of nature

around them in picture form.

Together they have won awards and recognition for their work, placing at number 50 (out of 26,000) photographers world wide).

They have learned photography gives you a fresh, new way of looking at the world around us. Coming from a background of car sales (Jerry) and call center customer service (Juami), photography is a brand new and exciting venture for them.

You can visit their website: www.BoydenGalleries.com



Carole Carroll

Artist - Medium: Watercolor

Carole has been an artist for many years. Although she has no formal degree in art, she has a natural ability and is self-taught   A friend taught her basic techniques in pencil, charcoal and pastels.   Carole took lessons at the local art center in oil painting and became hooked. Inspiration came with the smell of the oils and the opportunity to create something beautiful.

  In 1988 Carole moved from New York to Florida trading in the snow for the sandy beaches of the Gulf. The beautiful seascape and birds brought renewed inspiration to her. She became fascinated with watercolors. The looseness and spontaneity of the medium captivated her and became ideal for painting the beaches and the birds. Carole took some lessons in watercolor techniques at the Dunedin Art Center.

Having retired from her full time job and having more time to paint, Carole took up painting with acrylics.  They can be used in much the same way she was painting with watercolors and oils. She has been able to get lessons with other artists as well as reading art books, TV shows, and painting DVD’s.

Carole was a member of the Savannah Art Association in Georgia and participated in their First Friday Shows on River Street giving her experience with outdoor art shows. Currently, Carole is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society. She also has works exhibited in the 7 Arches Art Gallery in Dunedin. Carole is also a member of the Creative Artists Guild in Dunedin and frequently participates in their outdoor shows in Pioneer Park, Dunedin.




Renée Cerere

Artisan - Designer - Shells Sculptures

She fell in love w

Renée was raised in the Northeast, married and moved to Chicago in the mid 60”s.

She received a degree in Interior Design and worked for 28 years in Chicago, New Jersey and New York.

She came to Tampa Bay area in 2006 where continued working until her retirement.

On her days off from her busy schedule she enjoyed walking the golf coast beaches and collected shells.

At first she used the shells to decorate mirrors, boxes and small pieces of furniture.

A year later, her passion turned to ‘collecting’ only broken shells, shards and interesting items from the sea.ith the different shapes and started creating “one of a kind” abstract sculptures.



Ruth Fedoryn

Artist – Medium: Watercolor

Originally from New Jersey, Ruth Fedorsyn is a local watercolor artist residing in Bellair Bluffs.

Ruth started decorative painting 10 years ago with a group of ladies and found that she loved watercolors.

She currently studies with Mary Henderson in St Petersburg, FL, varying color pencils, yupo-paper crayons and whatever else is of interest.

Ruth was awarded Best of Show at the CAG Christmas luncheon 2011 for a beautiful floral watercolor and was awarded CAG Artist of the Month in February for one of her floral designs.


Naomi L. Gee

Artist - Medium: Silk Painting, Acrylic, Mixed  Media

Naomi enjoys painting on a variety of surfaces such as gourds, glass, paper, fabric, wood and other surfaces. She is currently 

President and Founder of an Information Technology (IT) Consulting firm since 1998 specializing in Project Mnnagement,

Business Process Documentation, Training course Development and Delivery, Web Design and Promotion.   

You can visit her websites: www.artsilkandjewelry.com





Cindy Gilbert

Artist - Medium: Mosaics

Cindy Gilbert is a mosaic artist now living in the Dunedin area.


She does framed wall art, tables, as well as functional and garden art.

Her mosaicked mirrors have become very popular.

Cindy retired from 33 years of teaching.

Her love for travel, nature and the water are reflected in her art.


Arielle Giordano

Artist -

Arielle's passion include dance, psychology, philosophy, writing and the creative arts.   She dances through life as an

international and inspirational author, dancer, choreographer, teacher, painter, facilitator, and inspires her audience.

Arielle has a Masters of Arts in Counselor Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership. As faculty member

and Lead Faculty Area Chairperson for the College of Humanities, History and the Arts at the University of Phoenix,

she inspires students with her profound knowledge of Humanities, Art, Psychology and Philosophy.

You can visit her website: www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com



Opal Hamm

Artist – Medium: Watercolor

I began painting after my retirement and have studied with several local watercolor instructors at The Beach Art Center and Dunedin Fine Arts Center. I am a member of The Beach Art Center,

The Largo Art Association, Dunedin Fine Arts Center, and Creative Artists’ Guild.

Having been an avid gardener and flower lover for as long as I can remember, it seemed only natural that I would choose flowers as the subject of my paintings. Most of the flowers I have painted are ones that I have grown at one time or another.

Choosing watercolor as a medium is just a personal preference. To me, the freshness and transparent quality of watercolor seems suitable for capturing the delicacy of many blossoms.

I am in the midst of trying out some other subjects, but none that I know as well as flowers.



Larry Headley

Artist - Medium:  Acrylic


Larry was born and raised in southern Indiana, a land with abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery.  He started his fascination with art at an early age and enrolled in a watercolor class at the age of 12 taught by local artist, Mary Carmichael. After graduating from high school, Larry went to Harding College. While studying for an architecture major, he took painting and commercial art classes and knew immediately that he was pursuing the wrong career.  Commercial art meant he could exercise his artistic mind on a daily basis while continuing to pursuing fine art.  After leaving Harding, Larry joined the U.S. Air Force Reserve as an illustrator.  In his free time he also did paintings for retiring pilots, providing them a unique remembrance of planes and service.  A simple project that earned him special recognition from the commanding General.  He also had the honor to redo the damaged nose art on “Passionate Paulette” a vintage B-25 bomber like his dad worked on during WWll.

In 1970 he began to take his art career more serious.  A local physician offered him an upstairs area above his doctors’ office for a studio and Larry at the chance.  A major success was a traveling art exhibit through the Big Wheel Restaurants in Indiana that sold out.  Later that year he took a graphic artist job with a local printing company.  Next he moved to the marketing department of Cook Incorporated, a major medical device company and worked nights at Sunrise Greeting cards.

Currently, Larry’s art consists of a broad range of different styles and subject matter.  His favorite artist are Jonathan Green and Itchak Tarkay. With Acrylic paints he brings to life scenes that depict some of his greatest passions.  He prides himself on the time, effort and labor put into each piece.  He usually has at least four or five paintings in progress at any given time.  When a client purchases an original work of art, they can be assured that Larry has put all his efforts into the piece to make it the best.  Although currently only considered a part time business, Larry’s Art is a full time passion.




Beverly J. Heller

Artist - Medium: Watercolor


Originally from Syracuse, NY, Beverly really came to art following her retirement as a Senior Jewelry Buyer at a major department store.

Although proficient in other art media, she prefers to work in watercolor and in her very first art show won two awards.

Beverly has had exhibits of her work at government buildings and financial institutions around the United States, England and Germany.

Beverly currently resides in Florida and is a past President of the “Creative Artists Guild” of Dunedin, and the current President of the “West Pasco Art Guild” of Port Richey.

She is also a member of the Florida Watercolor Society.



Jane Lawson

Artist - Medium: Watercolor

Jane is an accomplished watercolor painter. She loves "plein air" painting.

She is an active member and Program/ Director of Tarpon Springs Artist Association and member of the Creative Artists Group of Dunedin....

More on Jane SOON! 



Jim Mangos

Artist - Medium: Oil

James Mangos is the artist name for James Tsacoumangos  (shorter to say and write).

James is an artist with good sense of humor.

You can see his funny outlook on life in this cartoon character of his father John and himself.

He resides in Clearwater, Florida

James enjoys several hobbies including painting in oil, cartooning and raising doves.



Elaine McCormick

Artist – Medium: Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil

Elaine originated from Flint, MI - working over 25 years as an RN- then moved to Florida part time. She has studied art with numerous instructors such as Roger Bansemer, Mary Ann Dinella, wildlife artist Rod Lawrence, Joan Swetland and others at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, as well as attending many workshops. She has exhibited in numerous galleries, art centers, hotels, and museums, and has won several awards and ribbons.

Currently, she is a member of the Creative Artists Guild, the Tarpon Springs Art Association, Crystal Beach Art Guild and the Tawas Bay

Artists Council.

President of Tarpon Spring Art Association 2010-2011

Chairperson of The Creative Artists Guild, 2011-2012

Original artwork in acrylics, oils, and watercolor, limited edition prints and cards are available on request



Pam McFarland

Artist – Alcohol Ink on Yupo and Acrylic on Paper and Canvas

"Mystical Gardens of Imagination"

Art & Jewelry and Poetry Collection

Unique Jewelry including recycled Yupo Pins, Necklaces-Pendants, Sea Glass, Beaded and Wire Wrapped

Pamela Mc Farland on Facebook



Mary Lou Meyer

7 Arches G&B Owner/ Artist - Medium:  Oil  & Murals

Mary Lou Meyer was born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota where she attended South Dakota State University.  Later she moved to Newcastle, Wyoming where her and her husband raised their family.  She has always done art for her profession which included painting prize bulls and horses for the local ranchers, a night skylight mural for the local bank, and had her art in the White House Senate when Senator Hanson was in office for Wyoming and for Senator McGovern representing South Dakota.  Teaching art classes in the public schools and classes for Eastern Wyoming college as well as giving adult art lessons for the Newcastle Art Group, the Weston County Art Association, Opals Art Gallery at Story, Wyoming, the Black Hills Art Association of Rapid City, SouthDakota kept her busy while living in Wyoming.

Mary Lou is presently active with Creative Artists Guild of Dunedin, Florida and the Tarpon Springs Art Association.  She now has many of her paintings on display at her own art gallery, 7 Arches Art Gallery and Boutique  at 1212 County Rd. 1, Dunedin, Florida.  Her fine quality of painting skills include mountain scenery and other landscapes, seascapes, still life, portraits, as well as wildlife, horses and cattle.  You are sure to find something that would complete the needs of your home or office decor or you can hire her to paint whatever you chose keeping in mind that Mary Lou will also do murals at your home or office.  A photo album of paintings and murals that she has done is available for viewing at the

7 Arches Art Gallery and Boutique at 1212 County Road 1, Dunedin, Florida



Jim Melton

Artist - Medium: Watercolor

For 11 years, in the 70's and 80's, my wife Viena and I ran 'The Studio Gallery' in our home town, Andover, Ohio.  I taught drawing and painting at the Gallery and at Ashtabula Art Center also at The Conneaut Community Center.  For a period of 8 months I was commissioned to do drawings and paintings of Ashtabula County; 24 paintings and 45 Pencil and Pen and Ink drawings were delivered, matted and framed by me.

The rest of my career has been devoted to designing for companies;

General Electric:  Large Screen TV's & American Greetings: Display Design Manager.

In 1994 I moved to Florida and designed for Luhrs & Mainship Motor Yachts in St. Augustine, Fl. While there I also made boat deliveries to the Bahamas and raced and cruised our 33.5 sailboat 'Watercolor' . In 2000 I designed Mega Yachts for Lazzara Yachts in Tampa, FL, till 2009.

I am a traditional watercolorist. I use 150 to 300 lb. paper, high quality transparent pigments with no black or white pigments. The whites are the paper. I paint with Winsor Newton series 7 sable brushes to insure quality results. I paint primary landscapes and seascapes that convey a feeling in me that makes a strong connection to the outside world.  I attempt to express that feeling in my work to others.  I am inspired by God's World in all it's majesty.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Industrial Design Degrees. I have been strongly influenced by the impressionist of the past. Although I have designed many products over the years from TV, Displays, Furniture, and Mega Yachts, I find the greatest challenge and satisfaction for me is painting watercolors.



Breanna Perry

Artist/Photographer - Medium: Photography 

Florida artist, Breanna Perry, highlights the beauty of nature through photography, drawing and painting. With a special interest in Florida birds,

she has spent many hours outdoors observing and enjoying wildlife.

Born and raised in Florida, Breanna later went to the University of California San Diego, to earn a B.A. in Studio Art. She returned to Florida to earn a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of South Florida in 2005. Breanna is currently teaching photography at Pasco-Hernando Community College and has also instructed art courses for Schiller International University in Largo, FL.

Website: www.naturaldesignsphotography.com



Helen Savage

Artist - Medium: Watercolor and Color Pencil

Helen Savage, Nature Lover, fourth generation of native Floridian, developed her art after retirement.

Realistic paintings in watercolor and colored pencil, abstract painting in watercolor and acrylics.

Her favorite subjects are;  western landscapes, fruits and flowers, bird nest

and bird eggs. 



Janice Sparks

Artist- Medium: Acrylic



 Kim Starr

Artist - Medium: Acrylic

Originally from Portland, Maine, Kim Starr is now a resident of Clearwater, Florida and transplanted to beautiful sunny Florida in 1999.

Kim was inspired and taught to paint using acrylics by a local Artist Tracy Caraballo who shares her knowledge and talent with small groups in the Tampa Bay area.

Although fairly new to canvas and acrylics her former mediums were ceramics/clay and mixed glazes and many pieces were displayed in an Atlanta Gallery in the 1990’s.

A member of the Creative Artist Guild in Dunedin and her art work is displayed at 7 Arches Art Gallery and Boutique. 



Pete Sutton

Artist - Medium: Cartoonist



Mary Ann Tucci

Artist – Medium:  Acrylic & Watercolor

Mary Ann Tucci has been an artist for over 45 years, with formal education at several Universities, continuing education courses, many workshops and self-taught training in the New York City area.  She has been in the Florida art scene since 1991.

She belongs to several local art groups including:

•the Largo Art Association where she was president for 7 years, Vice President for 2 years and has run the workshop at the Community Center for the past five years, currently on Fri. 9 am - 12 noon;

•the Beach Art Center, Teacher of acrylics for 4 years, President of the Board for 2 years;

•the Treasure Island Art Guild, President for 4 years, Vice President for 2 years, present committee chairman and instructor of the Abstract Workshop in the Community Center, Wed. 9:30-12 noon;

•the Pinellas Park Art Society where she has won many ribbons and the Pinellas Park Mayor's Award in 2005 (shown above);

•the Creative Artists Guild, Dunedin, FL

Mary Ann has had a one-woman show at Montage Gallery in Dunedin, July - October 2006.

She has sold many paintings privately and in clubs and has received many ribbons and cash awards. She has also judged many shows in most of the art groups through the years.



Beverly Woofter

Artist – Medium:  Watercolor

Clearwater, Florida artist, Beverly Woofter, paints mostly in watercolor. She studied art at the Pittsburg Art Institute

in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and more recently at the Beach Art Center and Clearwater Sailing Center.

Much of Beverly's art is commissioned painting and she participates in many area art shows.

  She makes every attempt to focus her attention on what she terms "nature's landscapes";

paintings that combine the reality of nature with her personal interpretation of it.  Being somewhat of a realist painter, she does have a passion for animals and birds. 

Having drawn and sketched as a child, Beverly didn't pursue watercolor painting until she moved to Florida. 

Watercolor is her favorite medium.